How to maximize impact of your kicks in MMA fighting?

Maximize Impact of Your Kicks

In MMA fights, the fighter needs to be good with his both feet along with his hands or else he will be in a great disadvantage. Fighters who have great technique and are able to use their arms and legs with proficiency, they are the most feared in mixed martial arts.

MMA Kick strike

In this post we will talk about number of ways you can use your kicks for maximum benefits. Having a deadly kick gives a fighter enormous advantage in compactions. This is because of the power and long range that a kick can possess. One powerful kick on target can knock out any opponent within a matter of seconds. In order to have a powerful kick you need to have very strong legs.

There are mainly five variables that can impact the effectiveness of your kick.

  1. Body Position
  2. Type of kick
  3. Speed
  4. Flexibility
  5. Proficiency

Body Position

If you want to a MMA fighting machine, these above mentioned 5 variables must be present in your style of kicking. The position in which your body is in before you are about to throw a kick, position during the actual impact and position after you have delivered your kick. You must maintain a perfect and stable body position during that time.MMA kick body position

Type of Kick

There are many types of kicks that MMA fighter has in his arsenal these days. Some of the most popular include:

  • Jumping kick
  • Spinning kick
  • Front kick
  • Back kick
  • Side kick

flying kick mma

In all the above mentioned kicks, you need to have some level of technical knowledge and experience in order to gain maximum results. Remember these are just the basic types, you can find hundreds of variations in these 5 types of kicks. You can also create your own style and variation in them. Some of the most important techniques used in kicking include snapping and thrusting technique.


Some would say, speed is the most important attribute in kicking. The quicker you are able to throw your kicks, your opponent will have lesser time to respond, depend and counter attack. If you throw your kicks slow, your opponent will have ample time to read it and respond accordingly.

mma kick speed

If you are not quick with your kicks it can also result in your demise and could end terribly for you. This is because when you kick you are full on attack mode and your opponent can easily counter with block and throw powerful punches at you.


Flexibility is very important in mixed martial arts kicking. It comes from through warm-up exercises and stretches. If you are not flexible then you will not be able to use your kicks in a better manner, also there will be a risk of injuries to hamstring, calves, and hips.


Proficiency comes from the training hard in your gym. Learn new techniques and try to implement them. Always use MMA kick shield and MMA shin protector to keep yourself safe from serious injuries.

If you want to a MMA fighting machine, these above mentioned 5 variables must be present in your style of kicking.

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