Iron Mike Tyson – The Punching Power That KO’d Out Champions


Power of Mike Tyson

Back in the days when Iron Mike Tyson was in full swing, he made world professional heavyweight boxing look ridiculously easy. Tyson was able to knockout out his opponents for fun and at the age of 20, became world’s youngest heavyweight champion in the history.

Now that he has retired from the sport, he is still considered a role model for budding fighters. Only regret with him was that his career fell short of his true potential, as he could have dominated the sport for many years had he kept his head. Anyhow we are not here to talk about the negatives, but positives only. In fact we will talk about his incredible punching power that KO’d out everyone that came his way – 44 people to be precise.

But how really Mike could hit, unfortunately no one ever measured it with a tool like punch-o-meter that was used in Rocky IV, however it’s power was felt by every opponent.

Tyson’s rival Frank Bruno’s punch was once measured to have 1,420 pounds of force, if we assume Mike’s punches were equally powerful that would mean 1,178-foot-pound or 1,600 joules of energy.

So how does it feel when someone gets hit by that much power? Here is the answer.

  • Getting hit with a 221lb anvil dropped from 5ft
  • Someone crashing into you on a Vespa at nine miles per hour
  • A dorm refrigerator filled with three 12-packs of ice cold beer falling out of a second-story window

Well, brute force was just one tiny aspect of Mike Tyson, as there was more. He generated a lot of raw power because he was compact and muscular. He had fantastic punching form, particularly on his hooks and uppercuts. He also possessed tremendous speed for a heavyweight, which allowed him to land a lot of punches that his opponents never saw coming, which always hurts more than ones you can prepare for or roll with. Combine that with natural aggression and a swarming style designed to land power shots, and you have one of the best power punchers in modern heavyweight history.

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