What Is a Snap Punch Technique And What Are Its Benefits?

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There are many boxers who don’t know what a snap punch is or how to throw one. For all those people this post is a must read, as it will give them all the information they need about snap punching technique. You can learn to throw snap punches using a punching bag.

What is snap punching?

This is a kind of punching technique that requires quick arm snap back after hitting the target. You don’t waste any time throwing a punch.

  • Completely different from Push Punching

Snap punching is quite opposite to push punching technique where you extend your arm to full extension and let your punches dig deep on the target.

  • Push Punching Disadvantages

Boxing is not about taking out your opponent in a single shot. Yes it sounds exciting and wonderful to watch, but it carries a huge risk for the boxer. The biggest drawback of push punching is that it takes away all your energy in one punch. In a combat sport stamina is the most important thing, if as a fighter your stamina runs out, there will be no way back for you in the fight.

  • Snap Punching Advantages

The best quality of snap punching technique is that you are able to maintain your defensive position during a fight. Even if you miss your target, you are always in control for a counter attacking move from your opponent. Because you are not pushing yourself to the limit, you are able to preserve your stamina for crucial later rounds. It increases your chances of success as you are able to throw more punches than your opponent.

Snapping Punches Technique

The key to any snapping punch technique is speed, power, relaxation and recovery.

  • Relaxation

This is the most important part where you need to keep your arm (mainly the shoulder) and body completely relaxed. Stay loose, throw the punch with a loose arm and contract right at the end of your punch by making a fist. If your muscle is relaxed you will be able to throw quick punches as compared to a stiff arm. Don’t just relax your body but relaxation of the mind is equally important.

  • Power

When you throw a snapping punch, your arm is quickly burst into high velocity from a state of rest. This aids explosive power. When you are doing that always remember to shoot out your breath FAST!

  • Release

Some boxers make a mistake of hanging on to their fists after throwing a punch. Instead, they should be releasing their arm and letting it hit the target.

Minimum Contact Time

As soon as you hit the target and hear a “SMACKING” sound, immediately relax the arm and pull back.

  • Quick Recovery

It is important to quickly recover and conserve your energy after you have hit your opponent with force. Here the timing is important, because if you pull back too quickly, then your punches will be powerless and your muscles will use more energy.

Before practice these technique in sparring, implement them using a punching bag first. It will help you learn faster.

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