What is a punching bag used for?

punch bags

Punch Bag Purpose

A punching bag is one of the most important fitness and training equipment used not only by boxers but also by other combat sports such as MMA and Muay-Thai. A heavy bag helps improve punching power and host of other skills in jabs, kicks, hooks, and crosses. Punch bag is useful during proficiency training, conditioning training, and street training. Bag training develops speed, endurance, rhythm, fluidity, timing, distancing, footwork and balance.

When you are using a punch bag, make sure you don’t stand still and throw punches. As doing so will develop bad habits. So make sure you are on the move and focus on your feet movement while hitting the bag. Another important thing is your eye movement. Some people when hitting a bag wither don’t look at the bag or focus at one points, which is completely wrong.

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