Tony Ferguson Nicknames McGregor

Tony Ferguson Nicknames McGregor

The name calling and gossip on the McGregor VS Mayweather possible bout is taking many turns as many important names in UFC history are pitching their words and predictions in. Among that names, UFC’s #2 Lightweight ranking MMA fighter Tony ‘El Cucuy’ took it upon himself to give the current Lightweight Champion and UFC’s star of every gossip, Conor McGregor a new name.


According to Tony, “Money made Conor Mcgregor Soft” after he posted a picture of him in Newport Beach, California with the hashtag #FutureChamp #UFC209.

Ferguson has been on his toes ever since he entered UFC. He has been trying to make his name as the biggest MMA fighter and has proclaimed himself best in the game because he thinks McGregor is just a ‘Phase’ of UFC. According to him, he is ‘Mentally ahead of McGregor’

Ferguson has won nine UFC consecutive fights while his UFC contender Nurmagomedov has won eight, and the winner of UFC 209’s co-main event will claim the interim 155-pound title underneath reigning champion Conor McGregor. This is where Tony begins his name calling.

“I’m not going to start thinking I’m the shit or focusing on Conor. I’m going to stay grounded, humbled and keep earning my way to victory. ‘TSKYH’ is tattooed on my arm. ‘Think Strong Keep Your Head.’ That means don’t be floating in the clouds. Money made McGregor soft I say ‘McNuggets,’ because he’s made of that fake shit, that pink stuff from McDonald’s that nobody wants. Do I get a little pissed [I’m asked about him]? Yeah, I get a little heated. But the real belt is between myself and Khabib. He’s 24-0. Dude, I forget how many wins I have. I don’t even care anymore. Those numbers keep racking up.”

Tony thinks that all the Fuss about McGregor VS Mayweather fight will soon perish and he will be next in line to get the fame and the money.

“I’ve been breaking limits. I’ve been pushing myself to get stronger, better, faster in the sport of MMA. I surround myself with good positive people doing the same thing I’m preppin’ for – competition!”

Tony believes that the title he plans to win on March 4rth will have a very less chance for McGregor to reclaim.  He has issues with McGregor because, in his say, McGregor might have beaten Alvarez, but he didn’t actually ‘Earn’ his shot at the championship.

“He wants to take his look from a model. It was all over the UG. He wants to take his looks and his tattoos from this one male model. He wants to act and emulate something that he’s not. That’s why he’s McNuggets.”

McGregor has yet to respond to this new ‘McNuggets’ comment.

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