Muay Thai Equipment Is a NEED not a Want

may thai

If you’re not aware of what Muay Thai is, then there’s only one way to explain it. IT’S ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS CONTACT SPORTS IN THE WORLD.

It’s not a sport you compete in half-assedly. Not only do you get pounded on and hurt in competition, the training is bloody deadly too. I mean, it’s the art of 8 limbs, what were you expecting.

Leave your soft inclination and expectations at the door. There will be pain. There will be hurt. BUT – there’s something you can do to make that slightly better:

Muay Thai equipment.

If you think you’re just going to go in there with a pair of gloves and come out unscathed, then good sir, you are sadly mistaken. Muay Thai equipment is absolutely necessary for training to avoid damaging yourself or reducing that famous Muay Thai pain.

You’ll need a set of things. Ever wonder why kick boxers or Muay Thai trainers walk around with a big sport bags?

It’s because they’re carrying a lot’a sh*t. There’s PLENTY of stuff in there. And it’s all used to keep you safe.

Let’s make a list shall we?

A big bag for all your stuff:

Your equipment will consist of more than just gloves. Since you can’t walk around in gear, a nice big training equipment sport bag is just what the doctor ordered.

Muay Thai boxing gloves:

muay thai gloves

Are NOT the same as normal boxing gloves. They’re not as aerodynamic and they’re not exactly meant for speed, but power punching. Muay Thai gloves are important due to the shape and ease of ‘gripping’ for that in famous Muay Thai grip that just KILLS a person.

Head Gear:

kid head guard

If you don’t want to wake up the next morning with a splitting headache like God just literally kicked you with the leg of the universe? Then please wear head gear. Fighters often go into training without head gear and I can tell you right now, that it’s a bad idea. Reduce the risk of damage, head trauma or lost brain cells. Protect your head at ALL TIMES.

Muay Thai shorts:

Muay thai shorts

Although this isn’t completely necessary to train as you can do with sport or athletic shorts, it’s a matter of discipline to get into uniform. Muay Thai shorts are what Gi’s are to Karate fighters – it’s a uniform. With the uniform comes the attitude and right mind set. Also Muay Thai shorts are shorter than normal shorts with a slit on the sides made for better mobility and does not hamper kicks or knees – Muay Thai’s most important assets.

Hand wraps:

Keep those hands wrapped up. Wraps help keep the knuckles in place from collapsing on one another while holding the wrist firmly in place – because breaking your wrist is easy in Muay Thai since you’ll be power punching most of the time.


mouth guard

If you’re going into a spar or a fight without your mouth guard then you might as welly ply your own damn teeth out and hand it to your opponent. Mouth guards will keep your smile the way it is and helps in avoiding biting down on your tongue or on your teeth.

Shin Guards

shin guard

This is an absolute must in training. If you don’t have Shin Pads/Guards in your Muay Thai equipment then you’re setting yourself up for a wholelotta’ pain. Shin pads reduce the risk of cracking your shin, which you’ll be using ALL the time since Muay Thai kicking involves mostly shin. Pads reduce damage to your own shins and makes it safe to practice your kicks on your target without hurting him or her.

Elbow Padding:


The nastiest thing after a Muay Thai knee is a Muay Thai elbow and guess what? Muay Thai’s all about these two things. Padding allows for trainees to practice their devastating elbows without hurting themselves or their spar partners too much.

Groin Protection:


You just don’t want to get kicked by Muay Thai fighter in the groin. You just don’t. This one is a no brainer and I’m not going to explain. The groin NEEDS to be protected.

If you’ve got this equipment down. Then you’re ready to hit the gym. Bring your guts with it too, that’s part of the equipment.

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