How to Use Punch Bags in an Improved Way

Punch Bags Workouts

Practicing punches using heavy punching bags is one of the best ways to improve your punching power, precision and speed. If you want to learn how to use heavy punch bags in the best way, read all the instructions mentioned below and follow them regularly to make maximum use of punching bags.

Punch Bags Exercises

Choosing the Right Punch Bag

Choosing a suitable and durable boxing punching bag is the first thing which you need to do to start performing long-term bag works and for that purpose, you can do research on internet as well as ask a professional or an expert for his recommendations. Moreover, you can go to the markets and pick one for yourself. One of the most suitable options for buying a heavy bag is to select from the fine range of punching bags offered by leading brands.

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Using Proper Gear

Using good quality gear for doing bag works is also necessary as the gear that you use has a great effect on your progress and outcomes. So instead of going for the cheap one, you need to make sure that you buy high quality, durable equipment (gloves, wraps, clothing, etc.) from one of the best brands in your town.

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Analysing Your Progress

You should note down your progress regularly and you must know how much time you give to your bag works. This will help you in planning what to do next and figuring out the mistakes and flaws in your workouts. This way, you can improve your bag works in a good way.

Warming Up Before Beginning

Warming up before starting your bag work is undeniable so you have to warm up in a good way before beginning your bag work. Rotate your joints, use skipping ropes and stretch your body completely before starting your bag work. This will result in improved performance as well as results.

Proper Body Positioning

The posture of your body must be correct during bag works. You must stand with a stance which you use in the ring. Practice as if you are fighting in the ring (just like shadowboxing) and throw the punches as if you are hitting your opponent. This way, your performance in the ring will improve considerably.

Increase Your Strength Gradually

Punching with too much power and speed in the beginning will get you tired pretty early. So, start from light rounds with lighter and slower punches and then after a few rounds, increase your speed and power. Keep doing this slowly and steadily till the end of your bag work.

Mastering the Punches

Master all the punches like jab, cross, hook and uppercut. Keep hitting these punches with all might. Throw snapping punches instead of pushing punches. Pushing punches are those in which you push the bag with your fists and snapping punches are those in which you hit the bag on its surface and bring your hands back immediately (without pushing the bag).

Practice Combos

Using combos can be very useful for you during a fight. Try using different punching combinations and practice them as much as you can because ‘Practice makes perfect’. You can search for different useful combos on the internet. You can also watch the fights of renowned, skilful fighters and use their punching combos.

Cool Down

Once you get done with your bag work, cool your body and muscles down. Rotate your joints and stretch your body in a good way. Ride a bicycle for a while and do jogging for a few minutes.

These are the steps which you must follow if you want to get fully benefited by bag works. Make sure that you do your punch bag works regularly as regularity is the key to success.

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