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UFC- Deer caught in headlights

UFC needs to strategize. And they need to do it fast. After the major fail fiasco called UFC 209, UFC wants to catch all the big fish in MMA and put them against each other to generate money.  According to a report, UFC was looking to add a big lightweight fight between Ferguson and Khabib or Ferguson and Alvarez but it didn’t get finalized.

There is a month left in UFC 210. And the promotion is still looking to put some major names in the schedule to make it a success both live and on pay-per-view. According to Ariel Helwani of MMA fighting, they tried both these fight options for Ferguson but it wasn’t a success.

“Still only 4 fights listed on the UFC 210 PPV graphic. UFC did try to book Ferguson-Khabib and Ferguson-Alvarez for it this week but no luck”

Recently we were getting reports of Ferguson being mad at both Khabib and UFC. He complained that Khabib ditched the fight on purpose and that UFC didn’t pay him enough. So these two things are definitely two things that we can think if we ask why Ferguson denied being a part of these bouts. Speculation or not, these might be the reasons why he wants to go big. It looks like we won’t be seeing him in UFC 210 which is scheduled to take place on April 8th, in Buffalo, New York. After that, Eddie Alvarez got booked in a separate fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 211 on May 13th this year.

This will disappoint a lot of fans but Ferguson has other plans for his future. Top UFC lightweight contender wants to look ‘Forward’ not ‘Ahead’ in his MMA future. Ferguson is persistent to fight the king of UFC, Conor McGregor (everyone wants a piece of McGregor but ‘The Notorious’ wants a big slice of Mayweather) if he doesn’t fight Mayweather in June.

“Conor’s next, I hear he might be next. There’s nobody else in line, buddy.”

Besides, according to many MMA critics, Khabib might be on his way to retirement because he can’t keep his health in check. Other fights that UFC has landed for UFC 210 are between former champion Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi and UFC lightweight champ Danial Cormier defending his title against number 1 ranked Anthony Johnson.

What the fans want is to see an event which is properly advertised and build-up, so they have something to talk about other than Mayweather or McGregor or the way UFC sold fewer tickets in UFC 209. UFC is trying to steer clear of the headlights and Tony Ferguson doesn’t seem to want to help.

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