Tony Bellew Fires Back At David Haye: ‘He’s A Small Heavyweight’


The war of words between Tony Bellew (27-2-1-KO17) and David Haye (28-2-KO26) continues. Bellew has responded back to Haye’s comments by saying that he is ready to face Haye even at the heavyweight division. The new WBC world cruiserweight champion also revealed the details of a fierce sparring session in 2005.

Since knocking out Ilunga Makabu in front of his home town, the Evertonian has been constantly in news. The ‘Bomber’ called out ‘Hayemaker’ for a fight, who is the former unified world cruiserweight champion and former world heavyweight champion. His challenge was swiftly accepted by the fellow Englishman via social media.

Haye being a natural cruiserweight, said he would fight and knockout Bellew at any weight class. Remember, since moving up the heavyweight in 2008, Haye hasn’t gone back to the cruiserweight but for this challenge he might do so.

Bellew said: “If he [Haye] wants to get down and train properly he could do cruiserweight but he’s happy living the lifestyle he lives and parading around and if that’s the way he wants to do it, we can do it at heavyweight. It’s not an issue. I’ll leave him to weigh whatever he wants.”

“He’s a small heavyweight. We’re not talking about Tyson Fury, Wladimir Klitschko, Deontay Wilder or David Price here. We’re talking about me going in with a dwarf heavyweight – someone who’s a built-up cruiserweight. He’s a manufactured heavyweight and not a true heavyweight. Anything over 16st and he’s slower anyway.

“I’ve sparred with David in the past and he knows what happened when we sparred. I was an unknown amateur at the time. What I will say is that I wasn’t the guy pulling out of a fight 24 hours after that sparring session. He got his backside kicked and then pulled out of the Mark Hobson fight after that session. Hobson actually told him that he’d heard he’d been beaten up by two Scousers in Liverpool and that’s why he was pulling out.”

“He’s got his views and I’ve got mine. The difference is that mine are the truth and his aren’t. He called me a chump but he knows I’m not a chump because I gave him hell in a sparring session back then. The best person to ask on that sparring session is his trainer, Adam Booth.”

“He got bounced all over the ring by me and David Price.”

Bellew’s trainer Dave Coldwell believes the fight between these top pugilists will be huge.

Coldwell said: “I don’t think The O2 would be big enough for that fight. Whatever people want to say, David Haye was a class fighter and we don’t actually know how good he is now because of the guys he’s fighting.”

“David and Tony sparred a long time ago. Back then, I was part of Hayemaker just before he went on the road towards the heavyweight scene. I was told about that spar and it was fantastic – one that you’d pay to watch. We know Tony is better now and we don’t know how good David is right now.”

“Haye carries the power to knock out anybody but let’s not forget he’s vulnerable as well. He was hurt by somebody like Lolenga Mock. He was put over by Jean Marc Mormeck. Any fighter who’s been hurt – just like Tony – can get put over.”

“There’s not a chance that Bellew v Haye would go the distance. You could save on the cost of the show by not getting any judges. Just get a referee and that’s it, you’re sorted. That fight’s not going to the distance and if it happens, it’s an exciting fight.”

The 35-year-old, Haye is slowly returning to his full fitness, he has been picking opponents wisely, which is understandable. Coming back from serious injuries and a gap of almost four years is not an easy task. In this short fights against Mark de Mori and Arnold Gjergjaj has been impressive. It shows that he still got that incredible speed and power. Haye is scheduled to fight Shannon Briggs on May 21. After this fight we could see him fight Bellew at either cruiserweight or some kind of catchweight – only time will tell!

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