Skip Your Way To Full Body Fitness!


What’s that one fitness gear that you can get in less than 15 pounds at your nearest fitness store? Gear that also fits into your laptop bag? That can be used by anyone at any time? And using it burns hundreds of calories in just 10-15 minutes?

The answer: Skipping Rope.

Skipping Rope is a fantastic option if you’re looking to burn calories. On a rainy day when you’re stuck at home, skipping rope exercises can torch just as many calories as an eight-minute mile.

What you need to begin with?

A 4×6 feet area with 10 inches above your head, is all the space you need to get started. Try to work on a wooden floor or a plywood piece instead of a concrete or a carpeted floor.

  • Get a good rope, preferably a beaded or a plastic rope instead of a lightly weighted rope or a vinyl rope.
  • Adjust the rope to a length that the handles reach your armpits and the rope is touching the base of your shoes.
  • Make sure you’re wearing nicely fitted sports shoes, preferably cross-training shoes.


Try and inculcate Skipping to your cardio workout routine. No one can jump for solid 10 minutes continuously in the beginning, try and build your stamina and add minutes to your routine. Keep a check on your heart rate and exercise only with enough intensity to benefit from the routine and not so crazy that it puts your health in any danger.

Add a variety of different skipping rope exercises to make it more exciting.

Here are a few to get you going:

1.Forward Jump:


 Swing the rope in a forward direction and jump over it with both your feet on every swing.

Reps: 75 seconds

2.Side Jumps:


Move to your left and then to your right while swinging the rope. Try to create a rhythm out of it.

Reps: 75 seconds

3.Cross-Feet Jumps:


Swing the rope and cross your feet on every swing and land on the opposite feet every time you land.

Reps: 45 seconds

4.Double Jump:

double jump

Make your jump high enough that the rope swings by it twice on every attempt. Try and create a momentum out of it but it’s perfectly alright if you miss a few times.

Reps: 20 seconds.

Always check with your doctor to analyze your ability to handle the high aerobic intensity of skipping rope exercises. Warm up properly and stretch before beginning and also cool down afterwards. That’s all you need to know for now, hop on!


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