No ‘REAL’ Champion In women’s UFC Bantamweight Division

Victorious Shevchenko

No ‘REAL’ Champion in women’s UFC Bantamweight Division

Before we talk about Shevchenko-Holm fight, let’s pause and admire the women’s bantamweight division for the reemergence of the talent in the UFC in the last year or so. When Ronda Rousey was dominating women’s 135-pound division, beating every opponent that came her way, it seemed as if there was either a lack of talent or maybe Rousey was that damn good. But then Holly Holm stepped in to deliver a legendary KO, dealing Rousey her first ever loss of her career, and in spectacular fashion – nothing would be the same after that.

Since Rowdy’s downfall, EVERYTHING had been blown out of proportion. Holly Holm’s thrashing of Ronda had made her invincible after UFC 193. Many applauded the defeat of the once thought untouchable Ronda, she would retreat into the shadows; from being the most feared and respected fighter in her division to becoming the most mocked. The other women rejoiced at her loss, lining up by the numbers for a shot at the new champion, Holly holms – and that accursed gold, the UFC title belt.

Fact of the matter is that you’re never truly the champion unless you’ve defended your belt at least once. It wasn’t long before Meisha Tate snatched it away from right under Holly’s nose, or better yet, on her back. Holms failed to retain her belt – and lo and behold, the torch was passed yet again. Meisha was your new champion. Meisha ‘Cupcake’ Tate, who Ronda beat TWICE was finally the queen after almost a decade of hard work.

But then Amanda Nunes happened. 1st round submission and a new queen was crowned. Meisha Tate would recede into the folds of women’s MMA and watch as her most prized possession changes hands once again.

Since Rousey – there have been different champions in the women’s division, none apart from Ronda were able to defend their title to solidify themselves as true champion against a the more hungrier challenger for the title.

After Saturday night’s FOX 20 event, Holm’s (3-2) 2nd consecutive loss at the hands of Muay-Thai champion, Valentina Shevchenko, really put a question mark in the women’s division, as she has now beaten the famed fighter who initiated this merry-go-round in the first place; and to top things off, Valentina lost an interesting match against the current new champion Amanda Nunes.

After her loss, ‘The Preacher’s daughter’ had this to say at the Post-Fight Press Conference: “I know I’m capable of more,’ Holm said after the match. I think I just need to believe in myself a little more. Like I said, I know I can do more. I didn’t perform well tonight. Valentina is really tough, we know that. It’s not like I haven’t been taught the right things, it all comes down to my performance, it wasn’t great tonight.”

When she was asked about future prospects she said: “My whole concern is just to get a win, I want to win this coming fight and that’s it. Whatever comes after that has to be because I do well, and that’s all I’m worried about. I can’t look past this weekend. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.”

So now there are talks of Valentina ‘The Bullet’ facing off against Nunes, or Pena vs Nunes. Heck there are even talks of a Cyborg vs Nunes. The one thing all these fighters have in common is that none of them are true UFC champions as yet and nowhere close to what Ronda had accomplished.

The point and case here – Ronda Rousey is the greatest bantamweight Champion the women’s division has ever seen so far. Rousey might be out for a long time; who knows? She might never even return. But the UFC has yet to see a more dominant Queen.

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