Mayweather Finally Gives Up On McGregor Super Fight


Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. who is the former five division champion has finally given up hope of facing Conor McGregor in the ring. The undefeated 39-year-old boxer who hanged up his boxing gloves last year, was willing to come out of his retirement for 50th fight but demanded no less than $100 million for it.

Team Mayweather tempted UFC welterweight champion ‘The Notorious’ to face him in a boxing fight and offered him big money but it is understood it was nothing close to what the Irishman had demanded. He wanted the same what Mayweather was asking.

Anyways, whatever way you see, it was a complete mismatch on paper. McGregor was never going to stand a chance against a professional boxer. In the same way, Mayweather wouldn’t last 10 seconds inside an octagon.

Mayweather said: “I tried to make the fight happen between me and Conor McGregor, we weren’t able to make the fight happen, so we must move on. I feel honored to be the biggest name in MMA and in boxing, and I don’t even compete no more.”

McGregor also flirted with the idea of facing the former pound-for-pound no.1 boxer in the world, when the news was hot last year. He said: “I have Floyd running around the Showtime [Network] offices gathering my money, that’s what he’s doing. He’s running around the Showtime offices, begging those executives to come up with the $100 million cash he needs to fight me. As soon as he gets my money, we can fight.”

If Money wants to make a nine figure income to make a comeback, which he is demanding right now, he can still have that but he will have to face the best. Someone like Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin is his best shot of earn the kind of money he earned against Manny Pacquiao last year. Even a rematch with Pacquiao and Sual Canelo Alvarez would be a good option for him if he doesn’t want to face the ‘Knockout King’.

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