Max Kellerman Rips Apart Golden Boy For Milking PPV With Canelo


The famous American boxing commentator, Max Kellerman has criticized Golden Boy Promotions that they are milking PPV money by putting their prized fighter Saul “Canelo” Alvarez against soft opposition. Canelo is repeatedly evading a fight against the top contender and unified middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin for which he has been heavily criticized.

After Canelo’s convincing performance knockout victory against Liam Smith, Kellerman is expecting Canelo to take another easy fight in May 2017. If this really happens, there is a possibility we might never see the fight between the two champions again. Why? Because Triple G is in negotiations with Daniel Jacobs for a potential bout on December 10. Jacobs is a dangerous middleweight fighter and someone who can defeat shock “GGG”.  If he is able to pull that off, Canelo-GGG fight will be in jeopardy as it will lose its PPV value.

Kellerman said: “Yes, I believe it will. Of course, I believed Mayweather-Pacquiao would take place years before it actually did happen. Mayweather and Pacquiao showed that if you have an opponent that the people wants to see you fight, you can keep milking pay-per-views, because it keeps the audience interested and keeps them buying your fights no matter who you fight. Until the people see that fans stop showing up, they try and keep milking it. In this case, Golden Boy, the promoter of Alvarez, [Oscar] De La Hoya, who never ducked anybody as a fighter, is on record saying he wants ‘to make this fight happen, it needs to marinate, Triple G needs to be a bigger star.’ Triple G is selling out arenas, really all across the world at this point on both coasts in LA and in New York, and in London most recently. He’s become a big star. Alvarez is an even bigger star. I feel bad for Canelo, because Canelo is not the ducking type, but he’s also deferring to his team. His promoter is saying that fights not worth the money yet, and because he doesn’t want to throw his promoter under the bus, he’s taking bullets from fans, saying ‘you’re ducking Triple G.’ I believe Golden Boy, the promoter, is for the time being ducking Triple G, because they know there’s a good chance their guy is going to lose the fight. So they want to milk a pay-per-view, which they just did this year, and they want to do one on Cinco de Mayo weekend next year and postpone Triple G until the fall of 2017. There’s really no good reason for the fan’s point of view why we have to wait past May for that fight.”

After defeating Smith, Canelo while talking to Kellerman during an interview, reiterated that he fears no one and that he is the best fighter in the world right now. For every boxing fan’s sake, we hope Canelo stops ducking genuine competition and give people what they want – a Canelo vs. Triple G fight!

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