Lomachenko Is Going To Rule The World – Bob Arum


After looking at the performances of the new WBO junior lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko, promoter Bob Arum believes that he has no doubt in his mind the Ukrainian fighter will rule boxing world and will be the “next superstar” after Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Lomachenko destroyed former champion Rocky Martinez in a fight that lasted just 5 rounds. After the fight, Martinez admitted the speed of his opponent’s punches were too fast to defend against.

Lomachenko’s (6-1) brief professional career has already glittering to say the least, out of those six, two have been the title wining bouts.

Arum fears, the devastating power and speed of Lomachenko might scare off his future opponents.

“I’ve been telling everybody how great this guy is. You’ve been reading how great this guy is,” Arum said. “Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all time. This Vasyl Lomachenko (is) the greatest of our time. He really is. I mean, you’re going to see performances from this guy that you’re not going to believe down the road. He’ll fight anybody.”

“It’s going to cost us a lot of money to get people in the ring with him. But he is going to beat anybody around.”

Arum compares “Hi-Tech” with the modern day greats like Golovkin and Kovalav but believes Lomachenko’s is better.

“Golovkin and Kovalev are terrific fighters. No argument,” Arum said. “Great punchers and everything. They don’t have the skills of Lomachenko.”

However, Lomachenko believes he can still improve as a fighter and more fights will help him achieve that goal.

“What I want is for all the best fighters to come together and find out who the best is. I want to line up all the fighters at 130 and find out who the best is.”

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