King Kong Vs The Tiger


‘The Real King Kong’, Undefeated Luiz Ortiz (25 – 0) put Tony ‘The Tiger’ Thompson (40-7) out in no more than 6 rounds.

The match begins with Ortiz knocking Thompson down with a well positioned overhand left in the very first round, flooring the vicious ‘Tiger’ before knocking him back to the canvas AGAIN by the 3rd. It didn’t take long for the Columbian to finally put him away for GOOD mid-way through the 6th.

Ortiz expressed his victory in words:

“I’m hungry and ready for any champion. Let’s do it,” Ortiz said. “I’m a serious guy, boxing is my job, my passion and I’m committed 100 percent. I work, I train, I spend time with my family. That’s all I do. I look to destroy my opponent in the ring and let my fists do the talking.”

An ego bruised but humbled ‘Tiger’ Thompson reflects on his loss:

“He is strong as advertised,” Thompson said. “It’s sad that my hometown got to see me at the end of my career versus at the peak of my career. I just think it would have been a much better fight with prime Tony Thompson, but the guy is as strong as a monster. Thanks to all the fans that came to support.”

The main event saw a massive booking of 4,585 attendees at the D.C. Armory, in Washington D.C.

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