Is That Mayweather Talking or His Ego?

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Money Mayweather can “put a halt on” Amir Khan vs Canela Alvarez? By fighting undefeated Danny Garcia on the same night?

What brings out the dollar signs in Mayweather’s eyes and makes him think of coming out of retirement? It can’t be the money – he’s got tons of that.

Could it be a case of a hurt ego? Or maybe he just wants to remind everyone that ‘he still calls the shots’.

The Legend explains:

“My videographer came to me and said, ‘Floyd, look what they’re saying, trying to say that this fight is bigger than you and Manny Pacquiao’,”

To which Mayweather replied: “You know, I can easily put a halt on that fight if I chose to call Mr. Garcia, [Danny] Garcia’s dad, if I chose to call him and say, ‘You know what, sir, you’re a hell of a trainer, your son’s a hell of a fighter, he’s an undefeated champion, I’m an undefeated champion, and I think it would be great for me and your son both to make a lot of money.’

“Because if I’m not mistaken, I fought Canelo, right, and then Danny Garcia fought Amir Khan, and we’re both undefeated, so who do you want to see? Do you want to see them, or do you want to see us?

Would people forego the prospect of watching an exciting, combo-chaining, technical speed-demon Amir “The King” Khan (31 – 3) go up against the hard-hitting, punch-for-punch, pressure pouring Mexicano, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez (48 – 1 – 1)?

Well. Maybe.

If it’s a bout between the self-proclaimed (undefeated) ‘best there ever was’ Floyd Mayweather (29 – 0) VS Danny Garcia (32 – 0 – also undefeated) while keeping in mind that Mayweather has already beaten Alvarez as Danny has beaten Khan.

At the end of the day we would all like to see a 50th Mayweather fight – but do we really want to watch an untouchable, elusive boxer that runs marathons around the ring and his opponent, without really ‘engaging’ (for the 50th time). Or would we rather watch an exciting action packed, punch-for-punch, all-out technical war that could well be the fight of the decade via Khan vs Canelo?

While some might think an over-inflated (and probably well deserved) ego is at play, Mayweather still believes, without a doubt in his mind, that he is STILL the biggest draw in the sport.

Funnily enough, he might have a point. He might actually have the pull, power and pay-per-view magnetism to actually crash Khan and Canelo’s party.

“I’m just saying, I’m just putting it out there, those are the type of things that I can do.”

Do you think Mayweather is on to something? Tell us what you think!


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