Grappling Workouts Tips for Newbies

grapling dummy

If you are a grappler, BJJ player, combat or MMA fighter, following tips will help you get better results.

Let’s check them out!


For productive training learning to relax is very important. You can achieve that by pacing yourself, by avoiding tension, by not freaking out when in trouble.

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First lesson that every newbie is given is to breath, which is probably one of the most neglected things in grappling. It may sound simple but when you are under a lot of pressure people tend to forget about breathing and as a result gas out quickly. But if you have learned to breathe under such circumstances then you can last much longer.


Patience is the key if you want to improve your grappling techniques. With patience you also need consistency.


Try to focus at everything you do in training, pay attention and try to learn from everything your coach tells you. Simply showing up every day at the gym will do nothing.

Don’t be shy to ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions even if it sounds stupid, because it is the only way to learn, but make sure the questions are relevant to your training. Especially when you feel you are doing a mistake or unable to rectify it. Always ask coaches and experienced athletes how you can improve. This way you will get better.

Tap Out

Don’t be afraid to get tapped, as its part of the sport. First try to escape but if you can’t – tapping is the wisest thing you can do to avoid getting seriously injured. You don’t need to be seriously hurt or in pain to tap out. If you are in the competition you can probably take a little bit of risk but you don’t need to do that in training.

Watch and Study Others

Best way you can learn is by watching others in grappling training. Also watch a lot of videos from online sources like YouTube and try to implement them in you technique.

Show Respect

Always show respect to your training partners and opponents. Avoid bullying athletes with less experience.

Set Goals Daily

Don’t go into the training without setting out a goal for yourself. You can write them down and before you end your training check if you have achieved them, if not then return to the training ground.

Rest and Nutrition

After a tough day in gym, your body needs plenty of rest and proper nutrition to reenergize your body. Key is to find the balance at both.

I hope these tips will help you achieve better results for you in grappling workouts.

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