Difference between Men’s & Women’s Boxing Gloves

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With universal popularity and recognition of boxing, it has easily crossed traditional gender lines and has really paved the way for numerous options for women boxing gloves. The boxing industry for women has really been ignited by the 2009 decision by the International Olympic Committee’s Executive Board to include women’s boxing as an Olympic sport beginning with the 2012 London Olympics. Since then demand for women’s gloves has increasingly seen an uptick and has easily been catered to by numerous vendors who are more than eager to meet that demand. Below are some differences between men’s and women’s boxing gloves.

Smaller Hands

Since women generally have smaller and slimmer hands and fingers as compared to men, the hand enclosures of women’s boxing gloves are smaller and are better able to protect women’s specific bone density and structure. They are also better at absorbing the impact of executing a punch thus allowing better form and performance.

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Glove Size and Weight

The rules of picking women’s boxing gloves are the same; comfortable fit that are just snug enough to easily slip in them and don’t constrict hands and fingers in them. Women’s boxing gloves are generally smaller in size and thus have a smaller weight listing.

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More Color options

A distinct difference in women’s boxing gloves compared to men’s which actually favours women is the great assortment of colors women can choose from.

What isn’t different is the options to choose from on the material they are made with; vinyl or leather, as well as their closing options. Most gloves are mostly laced up but many prefer the ease of using gloves that are made with Velcro hook and loop fasteners.

Women’s boxing has seen a lot of gains in recent history which has further given way to women entering the sport. Luckily, many different vendors have long been producing women’s boxing gloves and recently added more variations to their product offerings. There are not many differences between men’s and women’s boxing gloves but there are more options to choose from when buying women’s boxing gloves.

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