David Haye is humble enough to sacrifice world title dream for a rematch


David Haye was defeated by Tony Bellew in the 11th round of their must anticipated fight. 36-year-old suffered the 3rd defeat of his career on Saturday night when he was beaten by Bellew in their heavyweight bout when his corner threw in the towel in the 11th round after Haye ruptured his Achilles tendon. And former heavyweight champion Haye made a series of graphic descriptions of hurting Bellew.

Haye is humble about it and said,

“Some of the comments went too far, if I have to pay a fine, I’ll happily pay and take whatever punishment I need to. When you get into that beast mode before the fight, you’re not thinking about political correctness, you’re not thinking about fines, you’re just thinking about getting in the ring when you’re in that beast mode you say things which rub the average person up the wrong way.”

He also said that he now has a new kind of respect for the WBC cruiserweight champion and wouldn’t repeat such comments again. He has looked forward to his return and admits that he would prefer having a rematch rather than going for a title match.

“I’d love the opportunity to do it one or two more times, but I don’t know if he will want to fight again after that. I’ve always wanted a rematch with the people who beat me but I’ve never been able to do it.”

Haye is recovering from the surgery, he had sent his family away to Dubai last week after they were upset about his opponent’s brutal predictions and remarks because he didn’t want them to hear what Bellew was saying and he announced about the recovery by saying,

“Home from Achilles reattachment surgery. I’m overwhelmed with your Positivity, Love & Support. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.”

It would take time and patience to bring back Haye from this surgery. We don’t know whether he will be back in the game anytime soon. But when he does, we can hope for a rematch between the two fighters.

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