Canelo Is A Chicken Or Not?


The news of Canelo vacating his WBC middleweight belt has rocked the boxing world and spread like wild fire. By now everyone knows about it but why did it happen is anyone’s guess. Canelo says that he has done so to remove artificial deadline set by the World boxing Council. Remember, the WBC announced before the Canelo vs Amir Khan fight that the winner would have to face Golovkin next. Although Canelo has recently stated that ‘he will fight GGG, and he will beat GGG’, but his actions doesn’t give positive vibes after he hands over his WBC title to GGG. This must be the easiest title that Golovkin has won without even throwing a single punch.

Canelo’s vacancy of the title has been accepted by the WBC and has informed Golovkin that he is now the new middleweight champion.

Canelo is also saying that he has never ducked from big fights but he will face GGG on his own terms. No one knows what kind of terms he is talking about here. Boxing used to be bigger than this, there was a time when fighters were never afraid to lose or stand in front of bigger and better opponents. Canelo should also take heart from Amir Khan who was much maligned in boxing circles about his weak chin but he showed big heart to take up this fight. Everyone expected him to lose but he gave everything until he got KO by Canelo’s haymaker.

Maybe Canelo handed over the belt in frustration and wants to say he doesn’t really care about these titles. He has already stated that he considers himself the best and that he can beat Golovkin, if that’s really true then he should not fear anything else. Just take up the damn fight and knock Golovkin out, if you really think you are that good. Or maybe he is afraid that he will lose and he wants to do better business wise. Fighting in his own terms could also mean that he is looking to fight GGG at catch-weight that will suit him rather than his opponent.

Now with no belt on his shoulders, the WBC has no power left to persuade him to see off Golovkin. However, Canelo fans want it as the rest of the boxing world wants to see this super middleweight fight. But it seems like Canelo wants to postpose this fight for one more year and looking for the perfect timing. No one can blame his promoter Oscar Dela Hoya either if the latest negotiations fail.

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