Axe Murderer and The Last Emperor


Out of the game for more than two years now, the infamous ‘Axe Murderer’ Wanderlei Silva is rumoured to be in current negotiations with up and coming Japanese promotion Rizin Fighting Federation. Guess who else is fighting for Rizin Fighting Federation? The legendary, G.O.A.T, Fedor ‘The Last Emperor’ Emelienko. And you know what that means.

Well turns out it’s not what you were thinking. While Wanderlei and Fedor would’ve, could’ve, should’ve crossed paths when they were both mega-stars in Pride FC, Silva doesn’t plan on just jumping the gun.

“There’s a possibility of fighting Fedor, who is an opponent I would really like to fight. I’m not just talking, but can’t be the first one, right?”

Wandy’s got a point. You can’t really put a guy against the once considered GREATEST OF ALL TIME, even more so if you haven’t fought in two years. While Fedor might be a little rusty himself, the Brazilian doesn’t want to take chances.

“Now that I haven’t fought in two years, I can’t get him right away. I need to do some fights first, get my rhythm back, and when the promotion thinks it’s time and I feel I’m in a good rhythm, I would really want to test myself against him, for sure.”

In no way averse to big fights, Wanderlei Silva explains:

“I’ve fought the best in the world but him. I would really like to test myself against him. I don’t have anything against Fedor, but I would like to test myself and see how it goes.”

There is no shame in being a smart fighter. While many might go around booing him for turning down a fight against the Last Emperor, at the end of the day, it’s not the haters and naysayers that are doing the fighting, it’s the fighters that have to suffer.

Should he have taken up the fight? Tell us what you think!


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