Are Expensive Boxing Shorts Worth it?

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Amir Khan sported a pair of 24 carat gold boxing shorts worth £30000 while Pacquio wore a pair of the most expensive shorts – ever, against Floyd Mayweather. Sponsors paid Pacman 1.5 million for the space. 1.5 million to highlight their names on his butt.

To be like that, your butt should be of great value. Apart from sponsor names, the most these shorts will do in this context – is advertise. Your butt is an advertising space.

Boxing shorts do have utility though. Apart from sponsors or cool designs with your name or team logo, the type of boxing shorts DO come in handy.

Fighting is not just about damage. It’s about mobility and unhampered movement. You NEED to be able to move around a ring comfortably.

Here are a few things one must keep in mind when it comes to boxing shorts:

Expensive boxing shorts are usually made of satin material. It feels good against the skin and its texture doesn’t rub against any gradient (provided your shorts are loose). On the other hand nylon or polyester is a good cheaper alternative although the material doesn’t let the skin breathe as well.

Boxing shorts should be loose and comfortable. The tighter they are around the groin and waist area, the more restricted you feel. This disables twitch reactions and halts the tendons in the area from generating enough force to move away or towards a target. In other words boxing shorts should feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. Naked and free. In the non-hippie way of course – this ain’t no hippie sport.

amir khan boxing shorts

Shorts should preferably also have thick or wide waist band. The elasticity should be tight enough that your shorts don’t slip but also loose enough not to dig in to your waist or hamper breathing. 4 inch waist bands are ideal. The kind of elastic that goes in those are wide too. It also provides enough space to insert and cover abdominal protectors boxers wear under high waist band covers to protect the lower abdominals.

Now ‘expenses’ – the real topic at hand. Standard boxing shorts in a region cost roughly about £15-£30. If it’s affordable, you can opt for shorts with better material which could deal damage to the wallet costing about £100. Then there’s the fully customized, jet-fuelled engine, napalm throwing customized sets (just kidding – they are literally just a pair of shorts) which includes the vest going up for as high as £400! Bear in mind anything that you’re paying £100 for, is most definitely made from 100% satin, AND normally hand made.

But…… they’re shorts at the end of the day. Pay £30 or £100. They’re the same. Aren’t they?

Not necessarily. You have boxing shorts, then you have Kickboxing or Muay Thai shorts that are slightly different in design, with a ‘cut’ on the sides of the short sleeve, allowing for unhampered mobility when you kick.

Bottom line: You’re paying for brand more than material. The shorts are pretty much the same. The idea behind is the same and the motive for having them is the same. It’s simple, if you can’t afford it your best bet is a £30 nylon/polyester pair. On the other hand, if you’re rich or have money to spare then opt for them smooth feeling satin shorts that let your skin breathe baby breathe!

Who knows maybe one day you’ll become a great boxer and you too will be offered money to advertise sponsors on your bum!

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