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Joshua should get a Furniture Sponsor

Joshua is undefeated for 18 contests so far and that kind of win streak is sure to keep Klitschko on his toes. The ‘gentlemen game’ of both Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko is going steady. Social media plays a key part in the pre-fight anticipation. So if you say that social media was one of the ladders Joshua climbed to rise to the top of heavyweight boxing, it would be a remarkable realization.

His social media game is top-notch, with all major networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all synchronized to make sure all of his posts go live. His Facebook fans are over 1,500,000 and Twitter fans go over 861,000. Most of his posts are shared directly shared from his Instagram account, which has all of his photos from training to family meals.  His 2 Million Instagram followers love him with all their hearts.

27-year-old Anthony Joshua is considered to be one of the world’s most talented boxers of his generation, boasting a 100 knockout-to-win ratio, and he is the second best heavyweight boxer in the world and one of the most anticipated fights in Boxing history. With him fighting two-time world champion Wladimir Klitschko, set to take place at the Wembley Stadium on April 29th, the winner will also take the WBA title in front of a record audience of 90,000 people.

What the fans aren’t seeing is a lot of trash talk from both the fighters instead, Anthony keeps posting humble photos, Training videos and photos and ‘looking busy’ photos. He recently posted a photo of him sitting on a sofa attending a phone call and people went crazy over the sofa rather than him. It was a brown leather armchair which looked like it had seen a century or two and while people suggested that ‘‘you need a new sofa bro or you can buy a new house and a new sofa” most people were happy and humbled to see that their favorite boxer doesn’t mind the fact that he is sitting on a worn out armchair. It makes him appear more ‘human’ and more ‘related’ to most fans. He still lives with his social worker mother in North London suburb or Golders Green.

Joshua’s fight with the boxing legend is one of the 10 super fights lined up for him which of course brings in a lot of money. But his attitude is what makes him popular on social media and in the crowd. His net worth goes above 10 million Pounds and he will split a staggering amount of 80 million pounds with Klitschko and people are praying that he’ll get a new couch with some of it.

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