A Giant Watches… and waits


Two undefeated Heavyweight titans are set to go toe-to-toe in the London O2 Arena, 9th April – and in attendance, a giant in his own right will be watching from the stands, ever so closely, in hopes of one day taking that title from either fighter.

Also undefeated, 24 year old Kiwi boxing Champ, Joseph Parker ( 18 – 0), looks to challenge the winner of the upcoming Heavyweight Title match between Anthony Joshua Vs Charles Martin. But the young gun hailing from New Zealand can’t look past the task at hand in the form of a fight eliminator against Carlos Taken. If victorious, he would positioned for a spot against the new IBF (or remaining) Heavyweight Champion.

“I’m excited to see this fight. It’s a big step for Joshua to step up and take on Martin, but I think Joshua has got what it takes to become a champion and Martin will come prepared as well – he doesn’t want to lose his title.”

“It’s 50-50, but it depends on who wants it more. Whoever trains the hardest will win the fight.

“We’re both taking a risky fight early in our careers. Most fighters take little steps at a time and I think at this stage me and Joshua have taken a big step for both our next fights.

“It’s a step we need to take, because there is a lot of interest in what we’re doing in our careers in the heavyweight division.”

Joshua on the other hand has been expecting Parker. Both the young fighters are similar in style and their careers.

“We both want to become champions of the world, so I think we will definitely meet in the future,” Parker continues to explain.

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“We’ve both got power, we’re both heavyweights and in the heavyweight division there is always knockouts. I think we both have the ability to knock each other out, it just depends who lands that big punch first.

“We’ve both to keep doing our thing, keep on winning, and hopefully when it comes together there will be a lot of interest.”

Parker’s trainer Kevin Barry shares his thoughts: “If they both win – Joshua in April and Parker in May – I think it’s inevitable they will fight. It would be a fight between the two best prospects in the division. There is a chance we may take a fight in the UK towards the end of this year. Who knows?

“The Parker-Joshua fight may even be a type of fight that comes to Las Vegas. There is a lot of interest here and a lot of things are going to happen over the next 12 months.”

Both are explosive fighters and everytime either step into the ring it is only a matter of ‘one punch’. Who will Parker get to fight? A new IBF Champ in Joshua Anthony, or the current Champ Charles Martin? Let us know what you think

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